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Katheryn Winnick Shows Off Impressive High Kicks As She Gets Ready For Another Return Into Vikings.



Long live the Queen! Katheryn Winnick has just shown off her remarkable martial arts moves, reaffirming that she is one of the most bad-ass actresses today.  Lagertha’s (Katheryn Winnick) death was one that Vikings fans had dreaded ever since the Seer (John Kavanagh) revealed she was fated to be killed by a son of Ragnar’s in season four.


But did the Vikings star also confirm that Lagertha will not be killed when the second half of the current season airs? There is a possibility that the Queen of Kattegat will survive and make an appearance in Vikings Season 6.

Lagertha’s possible death is not a big secret to viewers who have been following the History series from the start. In the fourth season, the new Queen of Kattegat visited the Seer and asked for confirmation about her fate.
The Seer prophesized that a son of Ragnar Lothbrok will kill the former shieldmaiden. In addition to that, Ivar the Boneless has been itching to end the woman who murdered his mother, Aslaug. People were concerned that Ivar will finally succeed in the back end of Vikings Season 5.

There is still hope for Lagertha fans. Katheryn Winnick has just posted a video on her official Instagram account where the Polar actress is performing high kicks.

“She’s baaaaaaack,” Winnick wrote in the caption. Not surprisingly, fans wondered if this meant the Vikings Season 5 star has started filming for the sixth season.

The last ten episodes of Vikings Season 5 have already been filmed, giving the cast and crew time to work on the next season. Katheryn Winnick has even directed an episode in Season 6 which might focus on the sons of Ragnar Lothbrok.

Although fans were initially concerned that this could mean Lagertha would already be dead in the sixth season, the new post on Winnick’s Instagram has reignited hope for the longevity of the Queen of Kattegat.

Death might not come too swiftly for Lagertha in the History series. There have been speculations that the former Earl Ingstad will still be dealing with the aftermath of the civil war, which led to the death of her beloved Astrid. Perhaps Ivar the Boneless will choose to let Lagertha suffer before ending her life in Vikings Season 6.

Hopefully, Katheryn Winnick’s character will experience one more magical moment as she is temporarily reunited with Ragnar Lothbrok before entering Valhalla.

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