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‘Katie will not do!’ Kate Beckinsale reveals her late father Richard sent a telegram to the hospital after her birth demanding that she was called GYPSY




The babygram, which was sent to West Middlesex University Hospital to her mother Judy Loe, read: ‘Katie will not, do decided on Gypsy. Much love, Richard.’The front of the telegram featured a picture of a painted stork shielding a baby, surrounded by two cherubs and flowers.



Reflecting on her own change of heart when it came to the name of her daughter Lily, now 23, Kate explained how she originally wanted to name her Ruby Tirian.She wrote: ‘My mum has been organising and found this – telegram from my dad to the hospital when I was born. They’d been trying to decide between two names, picked Kate and then he must have had buyer’s remorse .

kate beckinsale


‘The compromise in the end was my middle name being Romany… I chose Ruby Tirian Sheen as my daughter’s name the whole pregnancy and then when she was born she looked more like a Lily Mo….’And then a brief panic right before registering when I wanted to call her Ethel. Funny old life #katiewilllnotdo.



Kate shares her daughter Lily with her ex-partner Michael Sheen, 53.The star’s father Richard – who sent the telegram – died of a heart attack in 1979 at the age of 31 after suffering from coronary artery disease.During his lifetime he had a successful acting career playing Lennie Godber in the comedy Porridge and Alan Moore in the ITV sitcom Rising Damp.

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