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Kelly Clarkson alluded a critical situation: I would never ever get pregnant again…I thought it was cool!




Kelly Clarkson has said she was not a fan of being pregnant, telling “The View” that “I would never, ever do it again. “It’s just my body … I’m not meant to be pregnant!” the “Love So Soft” singer said.



She joked that she “honestly blamed” herself during her second pregnancy. “Because I was like, ‘you knew!'” she said.
“People said, ‘There’s no way it can be like that again!'” Clarkson added. “And they were all wrong!”



She said that her sister, who “handled pregnancy great,” has offered to act as a surrogate if Clarkson wants another child. However, Clarkson remained adamant she wouldn’t take her up on the offer. “We have four, so we’re solid — we’re a band,” the singer joked.



“I love them, I don’t want that to come off wrong!” she continued. “I know a lot of people have trouble having children; I never want to come off — I’m not ungrateful for it.”



She also shared sweet words about her daughter, River Rose, who inspired Clarkson’s children’s book series. “She is such a handful,” Clarkson said. “She’s like a little unicorn … she is really great and she’s fun and she’s real smart.”


kelly clarkson responds to body shamers
Clarkson shared an adorable story about a “River Rose” reader who approached the singer for an autograph, saying her daughter’s first reaction was to demand: “Why do you have my book!?”



The pop artist addressed her “shout out” in Hillary Clinton’s book, where the 2016 presidential candidate referenced both Friedrich Nietzsche’s quote “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger” and Clarkson’s infamous variation on it, in the opening lines of “What Happened.”



“I thought it was cool!” Clarkson said. “There’s a lot of pressure when you’re in the public eye … and I thought it was lighthearted … to start a book off like that.” Clarkson also opened up about personally combating exploitative men in show business.



She alluded to difficult situations she’s encountered “behind closed doors.” “I don’t think people ever thought that I was gonna say anything.” she said. “They thought they were gonna get away with it.”



“I’ve never been in a situation like the Weinstein thing, but … I just mean like in a sexist way, or a belittling way,” she continued. Clarkson explained how she opposes inappropriate behavior. “I’ll call it out, like if someone asks me a question, I’m not gonna lie for you! … Not like you’re attacking someone, just telling your honest story!”



She also expressed the importance of taking allegations seriously. “We have to respect that and validate that.”



“You have to tell your truth, you have to be honest,” Clarkson said of opening the discussion about exploitative relationships in the workplace. “You have to be honest about it for you to heal.”

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