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Kelly Clarkson shares message about fellow The Voice judge that will melt your heart




The award-winning singer is so positive! Kelly Clarkson has a legion of fans around the world who not only love her music, but her upbeat personality too. The award-winning singer has been praised for her latest Instagram post, which saw her big up her fellow The Voice judge Ariana Grande.



In the post, the singer shared an old Twitter exchange between the pair from 2013 when Ariana was just starting out. In an old tweet, Kelly had written: “Okay, who the heck is this girl & where did she come from?! Someone just sent me this & wow she is killer & only 19!”



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The singer had attached a YouTube video of Ariana singing alongside her message. Ariana was more than thrilled to have been praised by Kelly, and replied back: “Omg that’s me hi Kelly Clarkson thank you ily.”



Alongside the message exchange, Kelly had shared a photo of the pair of them sitting together in The Voice studio at the judges’ table. She wrote in the caption: “How it Started vs. How it’s Going. Y’all, I love this girl! Did I mention she’s gonna be on my upcoming Christmas album!? @ArianaGrande #WhenChristmasComesAround.”



Fans were quick to praise the singer for praising Ariana, with one writing: “This makes my heart warm,” while another wrote: “Love to see you talented women lifting each other up.” A third added: “This is so cute you two.”



Ariana has joined The Voice for the latest season of the talent show, joining Kelly, Blake Shelton and John Legend. On Tuesday’s show, Ariana crossed wires with the show’s veteran judge Blake, after seeing through his strategy to win her over. At the beginning of the show, he said: “Anything I can help Ariana, I feel like I should. She’s the new coach and I want Ariana fans on my side.”



Blake’s plan came into place when he persuaded contestant Raquel Trinidad to choose Ariana as her coach, after three of the four judges turned around for her. “I don’t want to see you end up with two coaches that are jaded, that have been here for a while and proven season after season they can’t win,”



Blake had told Raquel. John saw through Blake’s tricks though, saying: “I think Blake is sucking up to Ariana. I think Blake is always up to his old tricks. You can’t trust him.”



Gwen Stefani’s husband did this again with contestant, Hailey Mia, by telling her that he thought Ariana would be the best coach for her. “I see what’s happening and I’m flattered. But I’m not dumb, I’m not falling for it,” Ariana told Blake.Unfortunately, the country star didn’t get the same treatment when he was looking for help from Ariana to win over Jeremy Rosado. It was between Blake and Kelly, and Ariana told him: “I think Kelly might be the right fit,” much to the dismay of Blake.



The award-winning star wasn’t happy, telling the Dangerous Woman hitmaker: “I can’t believe Ariana just did that after having her back and trying to help her. It was a slap in the face. The friendship is over.”

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