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Kristen Bell says “this is what i get” as she shows off natural look in a recent selfie photo__See Her New Look.



Kristen Bell loves how she looks. The former “Good Place” star shared a selfie in a very candid Instagram post in which she shows her frazzled hair and points out that she is cross eyed.


“I’m in a wig for my current movie. When I take my braided hair out at the end of the week, this is what I get,” she wrote. “And I am INTO IT,” she wrote. “Do I need to get a perm??? In addition, yes. I am slightly cross eyed. Always have been, always will be. G’NIGHT!”


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Bell has not been one to shy away from showing off how she looks away from the bright lights of Hollywood. She celebrated turning 40 in July last year with a makeup-free selfie on Instagram and no one knows what she will celebrate this coming one with (41st birthday in july)…probably with another super makeup-free selfie.


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“Goodmorning 40!” she wrote, along with the hashtag #stillusingpimplecream.

And when Bell does get herself cleaned up, she also likes to show off. Last year, she posted a picture of herself after getting a bob haircut.

“Your mom got a hair cut and she is FEELING IT,” she wrote.

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