Legendary stage dancer dies mysteriously: see what killed her

When Roxy aka Bumpa stepped on stage with her Gladiator Dance colleague Momo, she was sure they were going to take home the JA$3500 promised for the lucky winner of the impromptu dance challenge. Little did she know that death was beckoning and that that was the last time her fans would see her perform on stage.

It was indeed sad to see the legendary Jamaican dancer breathe her last on a night when everyone looked forward to seeing her prove her expertise. But it’s called fate, it creeps in when you least expect.

If Bumba knew what was to happen, she would have sat down and probably watch someone take that route. But there she was, unaware of the tragedy she was running into, all smiles ready for the prize.

So, the two, Momo and Bumpa, climbed on stage ready to take up the challenge. The daring, yet routine choreography required Bumpa to ‘stand on her head top’. That is, rotate her body 180° with the feet above the head. Once Bumpa was set, Momo was to somehow jump over her partner, Bumba.

However, things took a turn for the worst when Momo landed on top of Bumpa instead. Bumba broke her neck on the spot and crashed to the floor with a thud. Two dancers tried to move her, but on realizing how serious the dancer’s fall was, they retreated.

According to a video circulated on social media on the incident, Bumpa wasn’t responding to witnesses who were trying to alert, indicating that she may have died on the spot.

Even so, some statements from Facebook suggest that she might have succumbed to her injuries soon after she was rushed to the hospital.

“A dancer by the name of Bumpa has died at the hospital today Bumpa was on her head top and MoMo was doing a freestyle that went wrong as you can see in the video.RIP to this beautiful lady that lost her life,” reads one of the statements.

The legendary dancer is survived by two sons, Danj and Teddy. Sadly, she had to part with her kids when it was least expected. To some, Bumpa is a heroine who was just on the daily routine of fending for her children, while to others the dancer was simply careless with her lifestyle choices.
Nevertheless, the fact remains – she is gone. We can only let her soul rest in peace.

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