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Lindsay Lohan flaunts her fit and active physique ahead of morning yoga session in Dubai -check




She calls Dubai her home after finding ‘a certain calmness’ with ‘no paparazzi and no cameras.’ And despite being in lockdown, Lindsay Lohan has continued to keep up with her health and fitness regime.



The 35-year-old took to social media on Sunday to share a rare photo of herself ahead of a morning yoga session. Lindsay rocked a white sports bra which drew attention to her flat and toned stomach.



She teamed the look with a pair of long high waisted shorts from the same set and posed for the mirror selfie. The Mean Girls actress slicked her auburn tresses back into a ponytail and appeared to be wearing very little to no makeup.



Lindsay has been spending her lockdown in her Dubai home, where she has been living since 2017. There’s a certain calmness that I find there. There’s no paparazzi, no cameras; that’s a big deal for me,’ she told W Magazine in 2018.



‘I never considered people taking a picture “bothering” me, but I don’t want people to misinterpret who I am as a person if they see me sneezing and they say I’m crying.’ She continued: ‘I do really appreciate having the life where I can just go outside and not have to worry.’


Lindsay recently opened up about what lockdown life was like for her, amid the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s very strict in Dubai. You are not allowed outside, they take it very seriously,’ she told David Spade on his YouTube channel back in April.



‘If you don’t have a reason for a permit to go to the grocery store and you are found without gloves or a mask…you are fined. And there are drones that clean the streets at night and are decontaminating everything.’



When asked if she was isolating alone, she revealed she had her sister, Aliana, 26, with her. She’s stuck here with me in Dubai,’ she exclaimed. She was supposed to go and be working on music in Australia and…everything started happening with corona and it’s a blessing in disguise in a way because at least she’s here with me instead of in Australia with no one that she really knows.’



Lindsay herself has found love for Australia, appearing as one of the judges on their version of The Masked Singer. She’s signed up for the second season which will take place in the coming months.

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