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Meghan and Harry ‘doing things their own way’ with Lilibet’s christening



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will NOT christen Lilibet at Windsor in front of the Queen


MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry are “doing things their own way” with Lilibet’s christening, a royal expert has claimed. Harry and Meghan are preparing for their first Christmas as a family-of-four in Montecito, California. The couple are likely to enjoy the festive period privately, along with Meghan’s mother Doria Ragland who lives in Los Angeles. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their second child Lilibet in June.



In the months following her birth there has been mounting speculation as to whether Lilibet would be christened in the US, or if the Sussexes would travel to the UK to christen her at Windsor Castle.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Want to Play Politics
Amid mounting speculation as to which decision Harry and Meghan may take, Mr Myers stressed that it is clear the couple are looking to do “things their own way”.



Pod Save the Queen is presented by Zoe Forsey and features Daily Mirror royal editor Mr Myers. In October Mr Myers said: “It will be very interesting to see, if it is in the States, whether there are pictures that emerge over in the States, whether you get to know who her godparents are.



“Hark back to the time where it became such an issue that Harry and Meghan decided not to release the names of the godparents. “And again there was a big debate over whether it mattered, whether it didn’t.


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will NOT christen Lilibet at Windsor in front of the Queen
“I think that was the start, or the beginning of the end really of the public perception of ‒ if you are taking all the trappings of royal life do you necessarily have to follow what has happened before you in terms of keeping up with tradition, having pictures of the christening, having it publicised who the godparents are?



“Should people know who are the godparents and the moral compass of someone who is in line to the throne? “I would argue yes, I think that is quite interesting, but they obviously saw it in a different way. “So they’re doing things their own way.” Harry and Meghan broke a number of royal protocols during their son Archie’s 2019 christening.



The couple decided not to allow the press to take pictures of them arriving for the event, as Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge did with their three children. Instead they released their own black and white photographs of the baby in his christening dressing gown.


Prince Harry Meghan Markle slammed over
Meanwhile they chose to break tradition by not publishing his godparents. With Lilibet’s christening Mr Myers added that he thought it was possible Harry and Meghan announce that it has “already happened”. He claimed: “Who knows when they will be making their next trip here? Will it be for the christening? Will it be for Christmas?



“I don’t think it will be again this year. “Again anything can happen. “I think they will probably drop an announcement that it’s already happened and that will be all you know about it.”

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