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Meghan Markle sparked fears of ‘outshining’ Will and Kate with ‘bigger than Diana’ success



harry and Meghan


MEGHAN Markle sparked concern she would overshadow Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge with her popularity, Princess Diana biographer claimed. Princess Diana biographer Andrew Morton claimed concerns arose among the Royal Family that Meghan Markle could reach if not surpass Princess Diana’s popularity among the public. Mr Morton suggester the Duchess of Sussex’s success could ultimately “overshadow” Prince William and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.



He insisted the Royal Family has long been adamant the highest-ranking members should take precedence and junior members should seek to avoid stealing the spotlight.


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Honor Veterans at
US journalist Kinsey Schofield asked Mr Morton about his comments in her podcast, To Di For: “You wrote about somebody saying that there was a danger in Meghan becoming bigger than Diana. “I think it was you know a courtier said there was concern that Meghan would become bigger than Diana and it would really kind of shrink the Cambridges.



“It would shrink Charles and Camilla and their objectives and what they were trying to do. “Do you think that that was really an option that Meghan Markle could become bigger than Princess Diana?” Mr Morton said: “Well this is what was being said at the time.



“And remember we didn’t have social media when Diana was around and now we do so you can be incredibly well known globally very quickly. “I think that what happens is that in the Royal Family, it’s all about the position not popularity now.”



He continued: “Let me take you back to the 1960s when Princess Margaret married Lord Snowden a photographer and they were the most popular people on the planet alongside Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.



The paparazzi in those days would chase them all around Europe to these exclusive islands and people couldn’t get enough of this golden couple. “And they outshone the Queen and Prince Philip but that kind of balloon eventually sinks and you’re back to the position.”



Princess Margaret did indeed grasp the attention of the press in the late 1950s when her relationship with bohemian photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones. Anne De Courcy, author of Snowdon: the Biography, told Town & Country: “Nobody knew about their relationship, there wasn’t a whisper about it.


Prince William appeared to tell Kate Middleton
“She would see him in secret at his studio and yes, he would join her at parties, but no one could pinpoint which man she was interested in. “The press focused more on the ones who were seen to be eligible. They didn’t think of Tony who was often in the background.”



The renowned couple got married in May 1960 but they got divorced after 20 years of marriage. Following the divorce, Princess Margaret fully resumed her role as a supporting member of the Royal Family, representing the Queen on official engagements and doing charitable work.



Prince Harry and Meghan Markle both embraced their position as working royals following their marriage in 2018. But less than two years into the arrangement, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down citing increasing pressure and the desire to become financially independent from the Royal Family.

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