Most hot and curvy lady in Nigeria

For many years, Cossy Orjiakor was notorious as an impractical dresser. Harsh words were reserved for her by fashion critics, who felt her style of not picking the right dress for the right occasion was a way of drawing attention to herself.

However, Roman Goddess, an Instagram celebrity, has pushed Orjiakor to the background with her curvy body, usually attired in eye-popping outfits that often leave little to the imagination.

Orjiakor, who held the infamous title of being the most voluptuous lady in Nigeria for over a decade, was even forced to defer to Roman Goddess. “She carry front, she carry back, she get pass me o,” Orjiakor once joked.

Where most people explore and utilise the many benefits provided by Instagram platform to display their talents, wares and services, Goddess prefers putting her bare curves on display. And from what can be viewed from her pictures, Goddess is a big fan of luxury hotels. She is fond of posting pictures, taken at 5-star hotels as locations.

With the handle, @roman goddess, Goddess has garnered over 428, 000 followers, mainly through her curvy body and the impractical manner in which she dresses. And going by the volume of likes and comments all her posts attract, it shows that most of her social media fans are active followers.

Goddess is no doubt over-endowed. Whether she had gone through any of the body enhancement procedures, remains in the realm of human conjectures and speculations. But one fact cannot be denied – most men will do a double take when they meet her. Goddess enjoys flaunting her curves and other assets, and she relishes seeing her male followers turn to babies.

In their quest to pay compliments to her, they turn to jellies and say all sorts of inanities that will get them noticed. Whenever Goddess posts a picture, it generates thousands of likes within a minute. The men will then begin to drool over the picture, beg to have her number and ask to hook up with her.

Goddess does not always think she has to protect her modesty. She goes for sexy outfits and outlandish ensembles, which come straight from what has been described as an eccentric wardrobe.
Goddess became noticeably notorious a couple of years back, when she joined Instagram. She usually posts pictures of herself, attending parties and wearing outfits that cover every vital part of her body, except her bosom.

The outfits are always viewed to be inappropriate for social outings. The truth is that the ridiculously curvaceous Instagram celebrity is not afraid to look weird and she is always eager to lay bare her bosom for all to see.

Moreover, the more ridiculous her outfits become, the wider her circle of admirers grows. Besides, Roman Goddess is determined to prove that she is her own woman. What more, what her critics see as scandalous overexposure or wardrobe malfunction, she sees as a mere fashion statement. Besides, her white husband, Erling Carlos, thinks she is the next best thing after Marilyn Monroe.

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