NAKED TRUTH Paige Spiranac reveals why she doesn’t get naked on social media… as she tells fans where to find her sexiest pics

PAIGE SPIRANAC revealed why she doesn’t get naked on social media – but told fans where they can find her sexiest pictures.

The golf sensation has taken social media by storm over the last few years as she mixes brains and beauty.

Paige gives golf tips out to amateurs but also gets admiring followers hot under the collar with some steamy snaps.

She is posting much of her stuff on her new ‘Only Paige’ site but insists that, despite demand, she won’t go fully nude.



The glamorous golfer told fans on Instagram that she would “never” go naked after being asked the question by a follower.

She said: “No shame to anyone who is doing that but I don’t feel comfortable doing it. And also you can get that for free on the internet, whenever you want.


“So I wanted to provide more value so I really focused in on golf instructions, which is something I’m really good at and something I love to do.

“So much of that is on OP [Only Paige] plus other stuff.

“And yes there are very sexy pictures on there, sexier things than I put on here. But there’s no nudity.”

She encouraged fans to follow ‘Only Paige’ where she insisted they could still get their “fix”.




Paige added: “I think there’s something sexy about using your imagination and not showing anything.

“There’s something for everyone, you can get your fix if you want the sexy stuff, but there is so much other value that I’m trying to provide through the subscription service.”

Paige gave fans a closer look at her life earlier this week as she took them around her house for a ‘Day in the Life’ video.

She also broke her admirers hearts as revealed that she had a new boyfriend.



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