New trending foods collection to try this Christmas season.

It’s Christmas season again, and it’s that time of the year where foods variety is prepared all over the globe to mark this special event, here is trending variety of special meal you might consider to try this season.

This is traditional Slovak soup Kapustnica (cabbage soup – we mostly prepare this soup around Christmas) and Lokse (thin pancakes made out of potato) which we used instead of bread to eat with soup.

I’m sure many of you never heard about Bryndzove halusky, Slovak national food. It’s potato dumplings with sheep cheese/cabbage and bacon on the top.

I’m starting to be hungry how I see this pictures 😀 so let’s move on.

This I learned in Maldives and it’s traditional Maldivian breakfast. It’s called Mashuni with Roshi. I loved this dish so I asked my good friend to teach me how she makes it. It’s really tasty and healthy! (It’s tuna mixed with freshly grated coconut, onion, spices, lime juice)

Healthy lunch on our terrace 🙂

Puff pastry with spinach, cream cheese, zucchini and bacon.

Risotto with mushrooms and bacon.

Homemade burgers with chopped fries.

Chicken with peanuts and vegetable in soy-honey sauce.

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