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OMG! Jennifer Aniston posed bare-faced with no makeup, messy hair and wearing nothing but a white towel.




For example, Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Julia Roberts, just to name a few of them. Oh, and we can’t forget queen Jennifer Aniston.At 52-years-old, the Friends star is the definition of beautiful, even when without any makeup.



She’s a natural beauty, as fans fans found out from her latest Instagram selfie…Jennifer Aniston took to Instagram on Friday (January 14th) to share a stunning au-naturel photo.In the selfie, the actress posed bare-faced with no makeup, messy hair and wearing nothing but a white towel.


Jennifer Aniston

“Okay, Humidity…. 🥵😵💫,” she wrote in the caption. What a Monica moment! As Courteney Cox would say: “It’s the humidity!”No seriously, she really hasn’t changed one bit since the Rachel Green days and looks absolutely sensational.Don’t we all wish we looked that good with no makeup on!


In the comments, fans have been complimenting Jennifer on her incredibly youthful selfie.One person wrote: “Will I ever be over this? I don’t think so❤️.”“The most beautiful woman in the world,” said another.A third person added: “My role model!!!😍😍😍.”


“Beyond in love with her,” wrote another.The selfie was actually part of a promotion for her own haircare brand LolaVie, which launched in 2021.Jennifer was advertising the brand new Perfecting Leave-In conditioner, which is why her hair was the focus of the photo.



LolaVie is a brand that “combines science and nature” to make “effective, smart and unfussy” products.They are also cruelty free, renewable and sustainable and have a sleek design that looks incredibly luxurious.

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