“One of the greatest moments in golf history” – Paige Spiranac reacts to Jersey Jerry’s hole-in-one on 2627th shot on his ‘Jerry After Dark’ podcast

Jersey Jerry recently made a hole-in-one as a complete amateur, and it has caught the eye of the entire golf world.Making a hole-in-one is quite a feat in golf, and Paige Spiranac would know it being a golfer. She was one of the first to congratulate Jerry, who went on a mission to see how long it would take for him to get a hole-in-one.



Working for Barstool Sports, Gerard Gilfone aka Jersey Jerry decided to put to the test the 12,500:1 odds of an amateur golfer getting a hole-in-one. He attempted the record on a golf simulator due to constraints. After 37 hours and 2627 strokes, Jersey Jerry did it. He managed to get a hole-in-one in front of 90,000 live viewers.

The feat earned the applause of the golf community. Congratulating Jersey Jerry, Paige Spiranac wrote on X (formerly Twitter):

“Called it. Congrats! One of the greatest moments in golf history.”

Spiranac was closely following Jerry’s progress and even called the time that he would get close to hitting a hole-in-one.

Jersey Jerry’s hole-in-one quest earns attention from other stars including Michael Kim and Tom Brady

Jerry’s hole-in-one quest also earned the support of Tom Brady and Michael Kim. Brady tweeted Jerry’s YouTube link on which the event was being live-streamed and provided his support for the amateur golfer.

Michael Kim also extended his support, tweeting, “David goggins and Jersey Jerry. Two most inspirational people of 2024 for me. Unreal.”


The relief was evident for Jerry after he achieved the goal. He said via Golf Week:

“That was really tough, that was not easy. I did not even bring a change of clothes because I thought it was going to be like three hours. I’m happy I stuck it out. Thank you Barstool, thank you to everyone who watched and gifted [money]. To all the little guys out there – we are better than machines. We did it.”

Jersey Jerry’s feat has broken the internet as everyone in the golf community is applauding him for his perseverence.




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