Paige Spiranac Is Going Viral For Her New ‘Golf Tip’ Video

Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has grown a massive following on social media for a very clear reason.

The former professional golfer isn’t afraid to post what she wants and that includes her latest “just the tip” video. Innuendo’s aside, Paige is actually a very good golfer and she attempted to share some of her golf wisdom with the world this week.

Her latest video on Instagram is a tip video on how to hit a fade.

“Welcome to Just The Tip! Today I’m showing you how to hit a fade!” she said in the intro to the video.


Now that you’ve watched the video, here’s what she actually said.

First, open your club face, open your stance and open your shoulders. Instead of coming down on path, I want you to feel as though you’re coming slightly over the top. Through impact your hands are going to go to your left pocket while you club face stays out to the right side instead of turning it over as you would for a draw. So hands left pocket and club stays out to the right and you follow through.


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