Paige Spiranac knows her ‘breast assets’ as golf influencer gets cheeky with fan

Paige Spiranac showed her fans that her jokes are as cheeky as her posts.

Spiranac first burst onto the scene as a professional golfer, where she spent one year on the circuit between 2016 and 2017. However, after failing to really crack the golfing code, she decided to channel her energy into uploading golf instructional videos and some raunchy social media posts.

Her persistent uploads have seen her become the most popular golf influencer in the world with more than 3.9million followers at her disposal. But while fans love Spiranac’s posts, the Colorado native also showed off her quick wit and sense of humour.

As she has grown accustomed to, many of her fans posted some rather lude comments beneath her posts. One fan made a particularly suggestive comment that said: “You certainly know what your best assets are!”

Instead of glancing over their message, Spiranac chose to correct them by writing: “*breast assets lol.” While Spiranac was able to smile at their cheeky message, she is no stranger to criticism.




Spiranac has her own style that does not often conform with the more traditional expectations of what women should wear on the golf course. At one stage, she tried to please her dissenters by wearing a long summer dress.

However, the Colorado native claimed she had one of her worst rounds of golf in a long time and said she would return to the figure hugging outfits which have often attracted the tuts and disapproving looks of country club members.

When reflecting on a previous negative experience that saw a country club refuse a charity donation from her on the basis of her social media videos and pictures, Spiranac blasted an often up-tight sport for applying double standards to men’s and women’s golf clothes. On her podcast, ‘Playing a Round With Paige.’ she said: “We bond over having a common interest and we all love the same thing … I don’t understand why it matters if you’re wearing a polo (shirt) and I’m not wearing a polo.

“If a guy on tour wears shorts instead of pants, the world’s not going to end. In golf, people make all of these problems so serious and it’s not serious.”


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