Paige Spiranac makes fans get a glimpse of her boobs as reveals her top five goals for 2024 as golf’s glamor girl looks to perfect her game on the course and ‘lean up’ after seeing in the New Year

Paige Spiranac has outlined her five goals for 2024, with golf’s glamor girl keen to perfect her game on the course in the New Year.

Spiranac revealed her targets for the year to her 3.9 million Instagram followers on Tuesday, after setting her sights on ‘starting fresh and resetting goals’.


The 30-year-old first asked her fans to share their aims for 2024 before breaking down what she is hoping to achieve.

‘Starting with golf, I want to be a plus handicap again,’ she began. ‘I’m around a scratch right now so I want to get a little bit better.

‘I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to practice and improve on [Instagram].’

After admitting her second goal is to read more books this year, Spiranac then said she also wants to improve her communication skills and respond to text messages in quicker fashion.

‘I actually want to text back faster,’ she said. ‘Sometimes when people text me back, it takes me a while to respond, and no one is that busy, so I can do a better job doing that and I want to do a better job doing that.’

On a similar note, the golf beauty has also set her sights on creating more content for her legion of fans in 2024.

‘With posting, I just want to post more,’ Spiranac conceded. ‘Sometimes I just felt like I was posting what I thought would work and what was like the perfect post, and I don’t want to do that anymore.’

And lastly, the popular sports influencer opened up on her plans to ‘lean up’ and make sure she feels good in her own skin this year.

While she has built a huge following in recent years, Spiranac was recently beaten to the crown of most-Googled golfer in 2023 by Tiger Woods.

According to the site’s data, Woods led golf’s Google searches in 42 out of 50 states in the United States.

Spiranac came in as the most-Googled player in four states and second in 32.


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