Paige Spiranac shakes things up on ‘Fore Play’ podcast, challenges hosts, stays provocative

Paige Spiranac, the well-known golfer and influencer, recently participated as a guest on the popular weekly podcast “Fore Play,” where various topics related to the world of golf and professional gossip are discussed.

In a snippet shared on Paige’s Instagram account, the conversation turns intriguing when she quizzes the hosts, Trent and Riggs, on whether they are the pioneers in the field. While they claim to be, they acknowledge that they have maintained their focus for the past 7-6 years, which triggers a blunt response from Spiranac:

“You’re hanging out with Tiger and I still have my tits out.”


Spiranac maintains his authenticity and provocative style with his response that makes Trent laugh as Riggs gets serious and says, “Same shit.”

Paige recently collaborated and shared the golf course with Bryson DeChambeau, a professional golfer with eight PGA Tour victories, including a major, the 2020 US Open. Rumors of a possible relationship between the two have added an extra touch of interest.

In another notable moment, DeChambeau acted as Paige’s caddie, showing his support as she tried to improve her game.

Paige Spiranac continues to be a master at attracting the attention of her fans, excelling in her progression in and out of golf. Her presence on the podcast and her connections with prominent golf figures underscore her influence in the industry.


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