Paige spiranac shared hot onlyfans picture’s as she and LIV Golf’s Bryson DeChambeau play a round of golf together

Paige Spiranac hit the links with Bryson DeChambeau as the social media influencer asked him a very risque question in front of both sets of fans as the LIV player had the perfect response for her.

The pair were seen spending time together in the Bahamas on Friday, as Spiranac posted regular updates of her hilarious Instagram Q&A with the one-major champ’.

When asked the length of the longest drive that he has ever hit, DeChambeau said 419 yards, with little-to-no hesitation. In terms of the highest ball speed that he has reached in his eight-career, so far, he answered, 190 mph.


If he had to offer his ‘best advice’ to all beginner golfers looking to build a more consistent swing, DeChambeau would recommend watching his recent YouTube videos, in which he provides techniques to ‘hit down on the golf ball a little bit more.

DeChambeau, who was in full swing while answering Spiranac’s questions, then offered a fresh approach to a way the game can evolve when asked which rule he would add or remove from golf, if he could.

‘Add a rule that you can take relief out of a fairway divot,’ he said. Usually, if a player’s ball is in the general area and there is interference by an abnormal course condition on the course, the player may take free relief by dropping the original ball or another ball in this relief area.

Spiranac then teased the 30-year-old, California native by asking him if he still has any nightmares about his hilarious bump in with a gallery rope at LIV Golf’s 2022 Chicago Invitational, to which DeChambeau jokingly replied: All the time. All the time. […] It took me to the hospital but I’m good.’

DeChambeau then trolled Spiranac when he answered ‘who’ to her question on what he has to say about her giving him shade over the years.

‘No, Brooks [Koepka] and I are friends now,’ he said, referring to the five-time major winner’s LIV team.

Spiranac later thanked DeChambeau for their hangout on X, formerly Twitter.


‘Have to give where credit is due to @b_dechambeau! I’ve publicly trolled him in the past but in person he was nothing but kind, funny, and self deprecating. Total opposite from how I perceived him over the years. And you would think I should know better because it happens to me everyday.

‘I’m excited for you to see the content we’ve been shooting and an opportunity for you to get to know us both better. Coming soon.’

Last month, DeChambeau insisted LIV will overtake the PGA Tour to become golf’s dominant force’ as he labelled previous rulings by the latter as ‘political’ as well as ‘disappointing.’


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