Paige spiranac shares sexy stripper video that made fans to go wild crazy

eave it to Paige Spiranac to come up with the most brilliant responses to all the Twitter and social media trolls who keep coming after her for stripping. The golf influencer herself already mentioned she is convinced she is a marketing genius and this is just the latest example of that. This time, Paige decided to come up with a comedy bit that has a cinematic level of production. In an alternate reality, Paige takes all those recommendations/slash trolling from hateful Twitter followers who are telling her she should become a professional stripper. Make no mistake, there will be many who actually take this video seriously and actually believe Paige Spiranac was convinced by the internet to become a stripper.


In pure mockumentary style, Paige Spiranac is readying herself to take up the life of a professional stripper despite her obvious struggles to actually dance or do acrobatics. But we all know this is nothing but the latest promo for the work she’s been doing for years now. Paige is a master at promoting herself through the most creative ways possible. The funniest part by far is the bit where she is coming up with her actual stripper name. Paige made the decision to keep listening to those Twitter comments and go by the name of Sandy Mounds. Simply, a brilliant hole in one for Paige Spiranac. No pun intended?

The sheer combination of absurdity with some classic slapstick comedy proves Paige is more than ready to possibly take a crack at a role in a comedy movie. There is even a bit where Paige produces a couple of tears when she is supposedly taking this seriously as a career move. In the final part of the video, Sandy Mounds has a brief moment on stage where she gets booed off the stage and realizes she is not cut out to be a stripper. Cut to the credits, where Paige Spiranac takes this time to promote her OnlyPaige website. Any major comedy director should be calling Paige’s agent and booking her for their next film. Just brilliant.


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