Paige Spiranac surprises her fans with a never-before-seen bikini photo of her mother

Paige Spiranac recently posted a previously unseen picture of her mother, highlighting her support in allowing the influencer to freely express herself during her upbringing.

Spiranac is no stranger to sharing astonishing photos on her social media platforms, which has contributed to her impressive 3.9 million followers. She credits her mother, Annette, as a source of inspiration for her own journey.



In a touching gesture, Spinarac shared an image of her mother from her modeling days, accompanied by a caption filled with gratitude. In this caption, the former golf professional thanked Annette for permitting her to wear the clothes of her choice during her formative years.

“Fun fact my mother was a professional ballet dancer and modeled after,” Spinarac revealed.

“We both grew up wearing leotards and she raised me to feel comfortable in my skin.


“I was never told what I could and couldn’t wear.

“They only cared about who I was on the inside and how I treated other people. Not everyone has the same beliefs or personal style and that’s okay!


“Wear what makes you feel confident.”

Spiranac’s mother actively supports her


Spiranac had previously disclosed that her mother actively supports her in her daring photoshoots, and she takes pride in her daughter’s work, given her own past as abikini and lingerie model.

Notably, her sister Lexie is also deeply involved in sports, holding a black belt in Taekwondo and actively participating in heptathlon competitions.



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