Paige Spiranac’s Latest Golf ’Fit Features Leather Pants and Platform Heels

Paige Spiranac is known for her casual and cute golf course looks, but the media personality’s latest ensemble is a departure from her typical athleisure outfits. Instead, the 30-year-old golf instructor embraced her inner Sandy Olsson from Grease for some golf simulator play.

In a clip she posted to both TikTok and social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), Spiranac stepped up to the turf clad in a black scoop-neck tank, leather bell bottoms and platform white heels. Her long blonde locks cascaded over her shoulders in sleek waves, while Spiranac’s nails were painted a festive shade of red. She lined up her shot and followed through with ease, despite her elevated footwear.




In fact, she noted in her caption that her platforms actually help her game: “Heels keep my swing balanced lol,” Spiranac wrote.






“I mean seriously!!! The most beautiful woman alive,” one of her 1.5 million TikTok followers noted in the comments.

“✍️golf ✍️in ✍️heels. Got it!” someone else quipped.

“love the golf shoes.🤭🤭,” another fan added.

“Great golf spikes…🥰🥰🥰🥰!!!!” one user joked.

While many trolls often critique the one-time SI Swimsuit model’s clothing of choice, Spiranac’s fans are always supportive of her personal aesthetic, which often features figure-hugging clothing.

“I was a gymnast before I switched into golf, and so I was so comfortable wearing spandex and very little of it because that’s just what you wear when you’re wearing a leotard and you’re competing,” she told Sports Illustratedin September. “And so when I switched into golf, we were struggling a little bit financially and so I didn’t have the luxury to go out and buy a whole new golf-appropriate wardrobe, and so I wore what was in my closet, which was workout clothes.”


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