Paige Spiranac’s most defiant selfie has her fans going crazy: Good mother of God

Paige Spiranac stunned her internet fans after modelling a detective-themed outfit in her latest venture.

The 30-year-old blonde posted her photos to sparking interest and attention from her 929000 followers,

She donned a tight-fitting white crop top with leather pants that showed off all of her curves and her figure, which she paired with snake-skin themed boots.

Exposing her arms and not looking into the camera, her blonde hair fell around her shoulders in a classic 1970s style.



She captioned the post: “Hi” with a smiling emoji that comes with a trio of love hearts, which duly earned her 39000 likes and 1.8m impressions.

Some comments read: “Hi [same emoji] to you too”, “Gorgeous”, “Not crazy hot… … said no real man ever”, and “Ravishing and stunningly beautiful, Paige!”

Spiranac endorses Netflix

The model, who helps coach people on the course, disagreed with the male PGA professionals who do not want a Netflix documentary on the Ryder Cup.

The ‘Full Swing’ documentary intended to offer unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the esteemed golf tournament as part of the third season but it was rejected by PGA members including Zach Johnson.

“I think it’s because they haven’t seen a penny of the amount that they’re going to generate, the amount that Netflix is going to generate for some of the other players,” Paige said afterward, according to Essentials Sports.


Also adding: “And so we know they’re after Max Homa. I’m sure Max is getting paid well for it. And if what Jimmy Weir said is true, Xander Scheufele and Patrick Cantlay won’t get a penny from it.”

“So why would we give them access to something that is seen as so sacred, and then they would never benefit from it at all? It wasn’t about getting an inside look or keeping the team room chemistry high,” she continued.


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