Polish Tennis Icon Iga Swiatek Channels Her Inner Fangirl for Compatriot Soccer Star Robert Lewandowski as She Dishes Out ‘Internet Memes’ Verdict

In the competitive world of tennis, where players showcase their skills and determination, one name stands out – Iga Swiatek. This talented Polish tennis star recently caught our attention when she decided to step out of the US Open during the fourth round. But her story doesn’t stop there.

In a reflective tone, Swiatek expressed her thoughts on the playful memes that highlight her achievements alongside Robert Lewandowski, acknowledging the impact of internet humor. “I think Robert is also having fun watching these memes,” she remarked.


“I hope he doesn’t care about them, but these memes wouldn’t be created if Robert wasn’t our best athlete,” as reported by a local Polish radio station. Although Lewandowski wasn’t aloof with his reactions to the memes, in fact, Lewandowski’s lawyers demanded the removal of memes about the football player. Perhaps, Swiatek had a better outlook on the jokes.

While Swiatek’s take on the internet ridicule of her compatriot might give the story an amusing twist, Swiatek is on the headlines for different reasons. After getting knocked out at US Open round 4 by the hands of Jelena Ostapenko, Swiatek is now pulling out of the Guadalajara Open.

The Guadalajara Open crisis

Meanwhile, there’s a lot of surprise and disappointment surrounding the Guadalajara Open, which is one of the last big tournaments of the year in women’s tennis. Many well-known players have decided not to participate in the tournament even before it begins. Precisely, 11 out of the top 20 players have pulled out of the tournament. This sudden pullout has dubbed the 2023 Guadalajara Open as “the worst WTA 1000 tournament ever,” given the significant absence of renowned names within women’s tennis.

Among the players who won’t be in Guadalajara is Iga Świątek. She made this decision because she wants to take good care of her health during a demanding tennis season. In a statement, she explained that it’s important to listen to her body and plan her tournament schedule carefully to avoid getting injured.

Now, after her US Open experience, Świątek is looking forward to her next tournament in Tokyo. She wants to perform at her best while also making sure she stays physically healthy. Do you think Swiatek will get back on her winning bandwagon at Tokyo? Let us know in the comments.


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