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Prince Charles forced to agree to furious Queen’s terms to save ‘damaged’ bond – ‘Enough!’




The Queen and Prince Charles’ relationship was plagued by “wild tension” during his divorce from Princess Diana, royal commentators have claimed.


The monarch was reportedly so “angry” about the very public fallout that her bond with her son became “strained”.


The List narrator Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon explained what the Prince of Wales was forced to deal with.

She told viewers: “Divorce can be tough on not just the people involved in the marriage, but on the extended family as well.

“That was certainly the case for Prince Charles.

“The strain that his divorce took on his relationship with his mother, Queen Elizabeth, most likely was more pronounced than people in similar situations.

“According to the Los Angeles Times, Elizabeth wrote to Charles and told him to get divorced.”

Ms Liwag Dixon continued: “Not an in-person conversation, but a letter.

“As The Times put it, ‘The Queen’s command came in separate letters to Charles and Diana earlier this week’.

“And what did Charles do? He wrote a letter back, agreeing to the Queen’s terms.

“We honestly can’t imagine conversing like this with family, because this is truly some wild tension.”

The narrator added: “A royal reporter at the time, Simon McCoy of Sky TV, dished about the tension that was brewing as a result of the divorce.

“He revealed, ‘One cannot underestimate how angry the Queen has been.

“‘At the Palace there’s a huge sigh of relief.”Ms Liwag Dixon said: “‘The Queen has decided that enough is enough’.

“Talk about a damaged familial relationship.”

The divorce order came after both Charles and Diana gave bombshell interviews about their marriage.

By this time they had been separated for three years.

The Queen called for an end to the marriage in 1995, and it was finalised in August 1996


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