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Prince Harry and Meghan seem reluctant to regain plunging UK support, eye US market.





UK ‘is not their [Harry and Meghan] market anymore’ as the couple focus efforts on the US, claims expertPrince Harry and Meghan Markle are seemingly uninterest to regain public support in the UK as they are making efforts to befriend “genuine Hollywood stars to boost their popularity” in the US.   A royal correspondent Rebecca English said the UK “is not their market anymore” as the couple focus efforts on the US.   This comes as the couple suffered another slump in UK poll ratings, while the rest of the Royal Family jumped in popularity.



A poll by JL Partners for The Daily Mail this week showed 41 percent viewed the Duke of Sussex positively compared to 54 percent who viewed him negatively, giving him a net approval of -13 points.  Meghan Markle was liked by 31 percent and disliked by 61 percent giving her a net approval of -30 points in the same survey, of 1054 UK adults conducted on February 8.   When asked if the Sussexes care about UK popularity, Ms English said: “When it comes to the Sussexes, the answer is flatly no. For them, the UK is not their market any more. They have other fish to fry in the US.”

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“It is encouraging that the rest of the Royal Family members are uniformly up in popularity. It is a battle for them to stay relevant in the modern age, but it seems to be working.”  Royal correspondent Richard Eden pointed to public efforts from the couple to “befriend genuine Hollywood stars” as an attempt “to boost popularity”.


“I don’t think opinion polls back home matter. I would be interested to see a survey of public opinion in the States. I think there is a lot of indifference towards them.”  “The couple [Prince Harry and Meghan] seem to acknowledge that because they are making efforts to befriend genuine Hollywood stars like Zendaya and Tom Holland to boost their popularity,” Richard added.

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