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Prince Harry Said He Wouldn’t Have Given Up Diana’s Ring to William For ‘Any Other Girl’ But Kate Middleton




Despite the current fixation on Prince William and Prince Harry’s reported feud, there was a time when the brothers were incredibly close and their relationship far more amicable. Remember those days? The two grew up in the spotlight and remained each other’s close confidants in the years following their mother, Princess Diana’s, death.



That closeness couldn’t have been more clear in a new anecdote about how Prince Harry gave Diana’s engagement ring to William — but only when he was sure it would be worn by Kate Middleton.


Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Longtime royal fans know well that William and Kate’s relationship had a few highs and lows prior to their November 2010 engagement. During a notable breakup, Prince William was eventually set right by his younger brother, who told him he was “crazy” for not being with Kate, according to an excerpt from Christopher Andersen’s new book, Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry, and Meghan.



“I don’t care what Papa said, Kate is the best thing that ever happened to you!” Anderson claims Harry told his big brother.



‘Brothers and Wives’
Once William got back together with Kate (with a little coaxing from Harry, it seems), he knew she was the one. So, it all came down to the engagement ring. Years prior to the brothers’ bachelor days, the two selected some of their mother’s most sentimental pieces of jewelry to one day pass on to their loved ones.


Prince William appeared to tell Kate Middleton
According to Andersen’s book, William chose her Cartier Tank watch while Harry picked the sparkling sapphire engagement ring.



At the time when William was planning his proposal to Kate, Harry was single — having ended his relationship with Chelsy Davy. Although a touch reluctant at first, Andersen claims, Harry eventually offered the ring to his big brother:



“Harry joked with his brother that, under other circumstances, he might not be so willing to fork over the ring: ‘If it was any other girl…’”


Prince William or Kate Middleton
Even during this trying chapter in the brothers’ lives, recalling these touching exchanges and their brotherly bond makes us hopeful that — perhaps one day soon — William and Harry will be just as close as they once were.

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