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Prince William faces security demands in new royal role that Kate will not be part of




PRINCE WILLIAM’s future in the monarchy will lead to many changes for the royal, including to the “security questions” he will have to answer when travelling, according to commentators.

Prince William will have “one less thing to worry about” when it comes to travelling as king, according to royal commentators.

The Duke of Cambridge will reportedly not have to provide as much proof of identification, but will still be subject to strict “security question”.

The List narrator Christine-Marie Liwag Dixon explained how this will differ for Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, as queen.

She told viewers: “The specific duties of the Royal Family obviously vary from person to person.

“But pretty much all of its members have to travel far more often that the average person.

“Whether on official duty, or to make appearances with other state officials, the royals spend plenty of time on planes.

“When Prince William becomes king in the future, he will likely travel so much more than he does as a mere prince.”

Ms Liwag Dixon continued: “And he’ll also be able to pack just a little lighter.

“In fact, whoever is the king or queen doesn’t need a passport to travel to other countries.

“As the highest title in Britain, the king or queen is easily recognisable.

“They apparently don’t need the formal piece of identification to travel.”

The narrator added: “Interestingly enough, William’s wife, Kate, will still need a passport.

“William will likely have to answer certain security questions before taking off.

“Still, it’s one less thing for the future king to worry about.”

Both the Duke and Duchess will be free of another important royal rule when they are crowned king and queen.

William won’t have to bow to anyone anymore when he becomes monarch.

It is royal etiquette to bow to the Queen when you meet her, or whoever is the current British monarch.

At the moment William has to bow to all other senior family members such as his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth, and his father, Prince Charles.

As queen, Kate will only have to curtsy to her husband, and no one else.

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