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Prince William & Kate Middleton’s Royal Duties Will Reportedly Become More Extensive in 2022



Prince William appeared to tell Kate Middleton


As a new year approaches, the British royal family is preparing for the upcoming holidays and a calendar full of public engagements. During this past year alone, we saw how Prince William and Kate Middleton, in particular, adapted to the expectations of their senior roles. The couple attended a number of events throughout 2021, and 2022 will include royal duties with a few more obligations for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.



According to a source who spoke with Us Weekly, Kate and William “are looking forward to starting fresh in the New Year.


Prince William loves and protects Kate Middleton
We’ll be seeing a transition of responsibility — they’re taking on additional charity work, attending more events and making appearances,” the source continued. “There’s even a royal tour in the works, and of course they’re heavily involved in the Platinum Jubilee.”



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Prince William appeared to tell Kate Middleton
Indeed, the Cambridge’s obligations only seem like they’re going to grow as the new year approaches. But this really feels like nothing the couple cannot handle. In fact, both William and Kate have proven their ability to take on public duties as senior members of the royal family.



The two were relied on during Queen Elizabeth’s previous health concerns, but with each new engagement, William and Kate have seemingly handled the pressure with aplomb.



And as the queen’s Platinum Jubilee draws nearer, we can surely expect to see more of the Cambridges leading the royal family into the future.


Between Prince William’s own Earthshot Prize initiative, and Kate’s interest in early childhood development, not to mention her influence on fashion trends, the couple seems poised to meet 2022 and all of the expectations the public — and their family — have for them. We’re just excited to see how the pair continue to broaden their influence and maintain the public’s interest.

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