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Prince William more ‘daring’ since Prince Harry began doing things ‘differently’




Prince William and Kate Middleton seem to have taken a page out of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s book as they have been more “daring” Prince William and Kate Middleton may been keeping an eye out on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle as they have reportedly become more “daring”.



According to expert Rebecca English, the Duke of Cambridge recently sat down for an audio contribution for Time to Walk podcast which shows how William has been influenced by Harry.



Jessica King, the host of Palace Confidential asked: “We all know about Harry’s broadcasting on these sorts of topics. Do you think William is quite influenced by everything that his brother does?



Rebecca replied: “Good question. Something slightly difficult to quantify because how much is it of William just getting a bit older and getting a bit more daring and a bit more comfortable in the public eye and kind of getting out of his comfort zone?



“But I think you do have to give Harry credit where credit’s due. He was quite a trailblazer in this field, doing something a little bit different, more personal that was kind of outside of the traditional royal role.



William is said to have struggled with the impact of his job.

William is said to have struggled with the impact of his job.

“William and Kate, actually their social media manager they have now was Harry and Meghan’s social media manager, and I think you can definitely see that in some of the social media posts they do.”



Prince William leaves Meghan Markle ‘seething’ after speaking about Prince Harry

Prince William’s move to appear on Apple Fitness+ Time to Walk seemingly has put Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in trouble. While William’s candid conversation have gained praise and traction, things with the Sussexes are reportedly not going so well as Harry and his wife Meghan are under pressure from Spotify to finish their own podcast.



Having signed a $33 million deal and with only one episode so far, the streaming company is reportedly getting antsy. “Spotify’s getting antsy. You can’t blame them for looking for a return on their investment,” says the source.



“It can’t be a good look for Meghan and Harry when William puts out something so effortlessly – and donates a huge sum to mental health charities at the same time. “Meghan’s likely seething that it’s made them look so bad.”

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