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Prince William says ‘Don’t give my wife any more ideas please.Prince Williams could be a little worried,See why




Prince William is teasing wife Kate Middleton during their recent public appearance.



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Clitheroe Community Hospital in Lancashire on Thursday to check up on health staff braving through the coronavirus pandemic.


Kate, who wore a beige coat for the day, stopped to take some pictures with families present at the hospital including one with couple Trudi and Alastair Barrie with their daughter, Anastasia.



Kate held the baby girl as they posed for a photo, making the people around gush over the adorable image.”Don’t give my wife any more ideas!” William then jokingly tells the onlookers.


Prince William loves and protects Kate Middleton

He added, “Don’t take her with you” as Kate handed the baby girl back to her parents.
On a similar 2019 occasion, Kate Middleton confessed she felt ‘broody’ after holding a little baby in Northern Ireland.



“Baby number four?” asked the baby’s father to which Kate laughed.”I think William would be a little worried,” she quipped.

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