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Prince Williams reconciled with Prince Harry after their tough fight and imminent hatred.



At Prince Philip’s funeral, Prince Harry and Prince William reportedly approached each other. But now the reconciliation of the brothers, here in 2018, should be off the table again. The reason for this is supposed to be that Harry spoke publicly about the death of Princess Diana.



The reason for this is supposed to be that Harry spoke publicly about the death of Princess Diana. Harry in particular is said not to have processed his mother’s death to this day. In a new interview Harry also criticized his father Prince Charles.

The reconciliation seemed within reach. At the funeral of their grandfather Prince Philip († 99), Prince Harry (36) and Prince William (38) are said to have taken the first steps to resolve their dispute.

In the meantime, the gap between the once inseparable brothers is said to have widened again. The reason for this is supposed to be a decision by Harry, which William regards as a proper breach of trust.

Because Harry’s new TV documentary series “The Me You Can’t See” is also supposed to take up the trauma that the early death of her mother Princess Diana (1961-1997) should have left in Harry.

The first trailer shows recordings of the princes with their late mother. According to a palace employee, there should have been a pact between William and Harry that they never want to speak publicly about the loss of Diana again. “William is angry because Harry is now again openly tearing open old wounds,” says the employee to “Bild”.


“We will not do this again here”

Indeed, in the 2017 ITV documentary Diana, Our Mother: Her Life and Legacy, William said, “We won’t be doing this again. We’re not going to speak publicly about her again because we hope this film shows the other side of close family friends who may not have been heard before. ” But Harry obviously doesn’t want to keep that promise.

In the “Armchair Expert” podcast by actor Dax Shepard (46), the prince recently also spoke about the wound that Diana’s loss had left in him.

The death of his mother led to his “wild party phase” as a teenager. Until his early 20s, he experimented with marijuana and drank alcohol excessively. In Harry’s words, “After all the trauma, pain and suffering, I suddenly started taking a lot of drugs and partying a lot.”

Prince Harry shot his father

In the interview, he also criticized his father, Prince Charles. He left him with an “innate cycle of pain and suffering” that he was only able to break through when he moved to California.

All this openness is too much for William. “Diana has been a sore point between the brothers for years,” says the palace employee. “My impression is that William made his peace with this past, but Harry didn’t.” (klm)

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