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Princess Charlene sparks concerns as royal on track to miss yet another key event




PRINCESS Charlene’s absence from Monaco sparked further concerns within the public as the royal is likely to miss another key event in the Grimaldi’s Christmas events calendar. Princess Charlene has been recuperating at an undisclosed location after returning to Monaco in November. The Monegasque royal was grounded in South Africa for eight months after contracting an unnamed ear, nose, and throat (ENT) infection which forced her to undergo several surgeries.



Since leaving Monaco again shortly after her return, she missed several key celebrations, including her twins’ birthday last Friday and Monaco’s National Day, and she seems to be on track to miss out on yet another key event this week.


The Prince’s Palace announced on Monday the traditional unveiling of the princely Christmas tree will take place on Wednesday. Children in Monaco are customarily invited to attend the ceremony, during which members of the Grimaldi family distribute small presents to the young guests.


But the announcement sparked a flurry of questions from social media users on whether Princess Charlene would be in attendance. User maca_m_ wrote: “Where is Princess Charlene?” Instagram user recherce954 said: “Where is Charlene? We miss her!”



Another user, _louisagottschalk, also questioned “where is Charlene?” And one added: “I hope the princess is doing better, she has two beautiful children who will surely be her greatest support.” In an interview with Paris Match earlier this month, Prince Albert insisted his wife needed “tranquility” to fully recuperate after the difficult year she had.


He said: “She needs peace, rest, tranquillity, and appeasement. “Everyone needs to understand that. “I say it kindly: leave her alone, leave us alone for a while.” Prince Albert insisted Charlene is not affected by any “incurable” but the surgeries had left her tired.



He continued: “The princess is not suffering from any serious or incurable disease. “It is the consequence of all the operations she has undergone over the last few months.” The Monegasque royal visited South Africa in May to work on conservation projects with her foundation.



Original plans to stay in her homeland for a few days were quickly scrapped after she contracted a severe infection which made it impossible for her to fly back to Monaco.



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