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Princess Diana ‘spent hours’ finding ‘jokey’ Christmas gift for Harry to prank the Queen




PRINCESS DIANA was known for her sense of humour especially when it came to her sons William and Harry. During his tour to Bangladesh in 1983, the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were standing in the garden of a government building to greet and meet the guests for the cocktail party.



According to her former butler, the late Princess of Wales bought her younger son Harry a naughty Christmas present one year which apparently inspired him to play a trick on his grandmother, the Queen.



Former royal butler Paul Burrell told The Mirror that she put a considerable amount of effort into Christmas gifts.



“One year, Harry got fake dog poo.” Mr Burrell added that although Harry didn’t love the gift, he had a mischievous plan to prank the Queen with it. When it comes to Christmas gifts the Royal Family seem to favour humorous and practical presents.



The Duchess of Cambridge reportedly bought Harry a ‘Grow your own girlfriend’ kit following a string of high-profile romances before he met Meghan Markle.



Additionally, Harry is said to have once bought his grandmother a shower cap with the phrase ‘Ain’t life a b****,’ written on it.



William meanwhile, splashed out on a pair of slippers for his grandmother with her face on them. In an interview with James Corden earlier this year, the Duke of Sussex revealed the unusual present that the Queen had given his eldest son Archie.



He said: “Interesting – my grandmother asked us what Archie wanted for Christmas, and Meg said a waffle maker. “She sent a waffle maker for Archie.”



According to the Duke his wife Megan makes a “beautiful organic mixture” to pour into it. Archie, revelling in the novelty of the unusual gift, reportedly “loves it”. In fact as the Duke explains, it has become part of his son’s daily routine.



He said: “Archie wakes up in the morning and goes ‘waffle’.”

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