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Queen Elizabeth’s arrested intruder in Windsor was ‘carrying crossbow’ on Christmas Day



Queen Elizabeth


THE QUEEN’s police issued a “top-level emergency” after an armed man was spotted trying to enter Windsor castle today. According to Thames Valley Police, officers responded to a security breach at around 8.30am within the grounds of Windsor Castle on Christmas Day. The authorities quickly arrested an armed man who was later identified as a 19-year-old from Southampton.



Officers took him to Maidenhead police station, where he was still facing questions on Saturday night. As seen on CCTV, the trespasser was carrying a crossbow, reports The Sunday Mirror.


One source said: “Security controllers monitoring the CCTV couldn’t believe their eyes when they spotted the man carrying what appeared to be a crossbow and scrambled armed police to the scene immediately as a top-level emergency.



“A full-scale protection plan was executed to ensure the safety of the Queen, who was in her personal quarters.“It was a really professional response from everyone, but it was hugely alarming to witness the intruder on the scene. “There were real concerns the situation could have massively escalated having such a dangerous weapon to deal with.
“When word got out that he had been apprehended, everyone breathed a huge sigh of relief – but it’s obviously tremendously concerning.”



Her Majesty was awaiting a visit from her sons Prince Charles and Prince Edward to attend St George’s Chapel service when her security staff raised a “top-level emergency.” She was made aware of the situation while in her quarters and was safe as the intruder did not make it into the building.


Queen Elizabeth
Matthew Barbe, Thames Valley’s Police and Crime Commissioner, said despite the shock, it is encouraging to see that the security measures were adequate. Dai Davies, a former chief superintendent and head of the royal protection unit, said the Queen’s security should undergo a “major review”.



He said: “Yet another intruder on the Windsor estate should set alarm bells ringing.“I would predict a major review will be needed after this latest incident, which is incredibly worrying, especially as this individual was armed. We don’t know their background or motive, but clearly, this is a major security issue.”



A royal source said: “It is obviously a worry to have to deal with a break-in like this, especially after Her Majesty has been through so much this year and in the lead-up to Christmas. “There will have to be a major evaluation of the security procedures and protocols after this event.


queen elisabeth..
“Fortunately, the intruder was apprehended, and police were on the scene almost immediately, but there is a chill in the air over what could have been.”

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