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Queen urged to resign most roles to Prince Charles to let heir ‘establish’ himself as king





THE Queen should help Prince Charles “establish” himself as the news head of state under her “watchful” eye, a British columnist suggested. British columnist Sarah Vine suggested the Queen could “retire” and hand over her royal duties to the first in line to the throne, Prince Charles. She argued the Prince of Wales would then be able to “establish” himself under Her Majesty’s watch and transition more smoothly into his role as king.



The Queen bounced back to perform light desk-based royal duties after a health scare where she was admitted to the hospital for a day in October but a large amount of her in-person duties has already been handed down to Charles.



Ms Vine told Palace Confidential: “She could just retire and hand over to Charles. I mean she could just say, ‘right okay that’s it. I’m still Queen.’



“If we can have two popes. That’s what I think would be the sensible thing because I think then he’ll have a chance to establish himself under her watchful eye.



“We’ll all get used to the idea, and the country will move forward with that, and then when she very sadly does die, it will be the passing of someone we love and respect and who’s always been in our lives “But it won’t be a sort of catastrophic kind of organiational.”



Increasing speculation has emerged over the future of the Royal Family when Prince Charles takes over the helm. The Prince of Wales has been tipped to be considering plans to slim down the number of working members of the family to a team of seven.



The reduction in the number of members would also decrease the amount paid by the taxpayers funded by the Sovereign Grant. The discussion came after the Queen’s health scare in October when she cancelled a series of official engagements, including her attendance at Remembrance Day commemorations.



Royal expert Angela Levin talked about the Queen handing over the heavy royal duties to Prince Charles and Prince William in recent years. She said: “Well, they’ve been doing masses more over the last few years actually. She has handed them lots of responsibility and they represent her far more than they used to.


Queen and family
“It’s very busy for them, they’re doing it very magnanimously, and so they should. “They’re supporting her as a person too. She rarely goes somewhere on her own. “One member of the family will be with her to make her feel safe and well, and take over some of the conversations which can be very tiring.”



Ms Levin continued: “I think she should maybe consider that Prince Charles could be King regent, it means he wouldn’t have a coronation but he would actually take over for her. “She could turn up, and take over for certain engagements if she wanted to.



“I don’t think it should happen immediately, I think she should rest a lot before the Platinum Jubilee because that is the most extraordinary event that we will probably never see again. “That should be considered, she shouldn’t be pushed into doing a lot.



Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth

“She probably pushes herself. I’m sure it’s because she wants to be there and people want to see her there, I think that has to be lifted from her.”

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