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Queen & William sensed Kate ‘possessed key quality’ to ‘withstand’ crucial royal challenge -check



THE QUEEN, Prince William and other members of the Royal Family were impressed by the Duchess of Cambridge’s “calm and resolve” under pressure during her younger years, according to commentatorsThe Duchess of Cambridge’s “key qualities” have been highlighted as signs that she will make a “good queen”.

Kate’s handling of the scrutiny during her 10-year relationship with Prince William was “noted” by him and the Queen. Channel 5 documentary, ‘Kate: Our Queen in Waiting’, explored how she took on this challenge.

Narrator David Riley told viewers: “William and the Palace seemed to feel that Kate possessed the calm and resolve to withstand the huge pressures of royal life.
“As well as those of a future queen. “Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl explained: “At that stage, she didn’t have any real media training. “And certainly no experience of handling press intrusion.”

Queen Elisabeth, Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton

She continued: “She was very cool, she was very calm. “I think some members of the Royal Family noted how well she coped with that pressure.” Mail on Sunday Royal Editor Emily Andrews added: “She has this calmness under fire, this ability to be able to preserve the mask.

“That is absolutely one of her key qualities that will make her such a good queen.” The lengthy relationship between Kate and William did draw some criticism and mockery. The Duchess was even nicknamed ‘Waity Katie’ for sticking around so long for a proposal. Eventually, the Duke did pop the question and the couple were married in April 2011.

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