“Rather Play with LeBron James”: Michael Jordan Gets ‘Snubbed’ by Pistons Legend Due to the Lakers Star’s Passing Tendencies..

LeBron James and Michael Jordan have divided the NBA fanbase in the debate to decide the greatest basketball player of all time.

A debate that has been raging for at least two decades now. Recently, Detroit Pistons legend, Dave Bing weighed in on the argument. While he did not technically pick a GOAT candidate, he did reveal to Charlie LeDuff that he would rather play with King James than with Jordan.


Bing isn’t the only Pistons legend to have given his two cents on the GOAT debate. Another Pistons great, Isiah Thomas has also shared his thoughts over the years. Thomas had clearly stated that, if he had to pick between LeBron or MJ, his choice would be the King. An answer that many expected, especially given the tumultuous relationship he has with Jordan.

Pistons legend Dave Bing claims he would rather play with LeBron James than Michael Jordan

Dave Bing is one of the most iconic players in the history of the Pistons. Playing through the 60s and the 70s, Bing has had the pleasure of watching some of the greatest players of all time play the game of basketball. Recently, he gave his opinion on the ongoing GOAT debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.


While he didn’t actually pick a GOAT, he did share which of the two players he would have preferred playing with. To many people’s surprise, his choice was LBJ. He shared his reasoning, claiming that Bron is more of a passer and can run the lane and finish like no one else. At the same time, MJ is more of an all-round scorer. Nevertheless, the 79-year-old believes that you can’t go wrong with either one on your team.

Bing also gave a shoutout to some of the greats from his era. He hailed Oscar Robertson as the most skilled, Wilt Chamberlain as the most dominant, and Bill Russell as the most successful player of his generation. The former Detroit mayor told LeDuff:

“Personally, I’d rather play with LeBron [James], because he’ll give you the ball. And, he runs the lane like nobody, he can finish at the basket. Michael was a better all-round scorer, no doubt about it. But, you can flip a coin, have either one of them and you’re gonna win a championship!”

At the end of the day, this debate between MJ and Bron is unlikely to end anytime soon. Even if an all-time great like Dave Bing weighs in, there will always be those who refute such statements.

The debate between them might still be raging, but LeBron James and Michael Jordan have nothing but respect for each other. In particular, LeBron has credited MJ for being his inspiration, the person who made him want to pursue basketball.

In 2020, he recalled how he met Jordan for the first time, prior to joining the NBA in 2003. Still a high school player, James was in awe of His Airness. It was an incredible experience and one that had the young King feeling like could’ve died on that day, and left the world as the happiest man on Earth.

There can be no denying that both LBJ and MJ are in a class of their own. When all is said and done, the conversation should not be about who is the greatest. Rather, it should commend both of them for their success and acknowledge them both as the two greatest to ever play the game.


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