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Salma Hayek endured the pain on stage while performing she experienced a fatal ward robe malfunction.



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Salma Hayek is one of many actresses who had to face a wardrobe malfunction in a public place. Some singers even endured this pain on stage while performing, and most times, when this happens, it means a certain stylist is out of his or her job. Although wardrobe malfunctions can be the fault of a stylist, in some other cases, it’s the celebrity’s fault.

For Hayek, her ‘big butt’ may have been the reason her dress got ripped in half in 2003.

At that moment, anyone experiencing such a thing may be down and feel dejected because they not only had plans for the dress, it also embarrassed them in the worst place possible.

However, when you look back at that even years later, you would no doubt laugh at the experience. Now, not everyone can share hilarious stories and make everyone laugh out loud, but somehow, Hayek manages to do this flawlessly.

The “Hit Man’s Bodyguard,” actress mentioned that her big butt ripped her dress in half a night to the Oscars in 2003.Ouch! That would have definitely hurt the actress, but hey, she’s laughing now.

Unlike most people who face wardrobe malfunctions and have to put their plans for an event away, Hayek had a saving grace in person of Renee Zellweger. According to her, the actress and producer came to her rescue very late at night with another dress for the Oscars that was going down the next day.

Now, some people may ask why Hayek did not go-ahead to get another dress immediately her dress was ruined?If you have made enough plans on one dress for an important outing, you would no doubt feel bad at that moment and not know what to do.

Also, you may likely only think of another dress when someone else suggests it to you. This was exactly the situation Hayek found herself in a night to the Oscars in 2003, but thankfully, she got a substitute dress and attended the event like nothing happened.

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Sometimes, people expect too much from celebrities, and they have to act accordingly in most cases.

Talking about the substitute dress she got from Zellweger, Hayek revealed that the dress was not only beautiful, but it was also wide enough to take her butt, which was the cause of the first dress flop.

She also mentioned that the dress was so comfortable that it was stretchy at the bust area, so she could adjust whenever she wanted. The dress in question was a Caroline Herrera gown, that had a lace bodice with a white floppy shirt attached to it.

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