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Salma Hayek shares jaw-dropping as she revealed her burst… kills em -check



Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek shared several stunning throwback Thursday pictures on her Instagram, just a week after celebrating her 54th birthday.The “Like A Boss” star wore a black dress with a plunging neckline that was accentuated with pearl necklaces. “Pearls of wisdom,” the Daytime Emmy winner captioned the series of photos.

The pictures were from the 6th Annual Blockbuster Entertainment Awards. Hayek took home the award for Favorite Supporting Actress in an Action film for her role in “Wild Wild West.” Despite the award show occurring in 2000, Hayek’s fans noted she doesn’t appear any older.

“She just doesn’t age. Always one of the most beautiful women on earth,” one fan commented. Another added, “Good Lord as the years go by more and more beautiful you become, Salma. Hayek seems to be aware of her ageless beauty.

On the eve of her birthday, she posted a gorgeous photo of herself in a bathing suit and a cover-up skirt. “Guess who’s turning 54 tomorrow? By the way, this is not a Throwback Thursday!” the “Grownups” actress wrote.

“I am very grateful and proud for every single one of my 54 years. Thank you for all the birthday wishes, especially to my fans who made a special account for my birthday. What a gift!” Hayek later wrote on her big day, which was on Sept. 2.

Earlier this year, Hayek talked about how her body image has improved as she’s aged.
“When I look at pictures of me in my 30s or in my 40s, I see myself more beautiful than I saw myself at the time,” she told People magazine. “I used to criticize myself so much.”

Hayek added: “Now, when I look in the mirror and there are things that I don’t see, I think about how much I’m going to like me in 10 years.”

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