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Salma Hayek shows off her beautiful bare face once again she took the selfie from a bottom angle.



A makeup-free selfie from the gorgeous Salma Hayek is far from rare. In between sharing throwback looks from award shows and personal poolside photos, the actor manages to always candidly share aspects of her life with fans, whether or not she’s got on a full beat.

salma hayek

In her latest pic, Hayek shows off her beautiful bare face once again, and, as a bonus, we also get a look at her stunning light reddish-brown ringlets.

For this shot shared on March 28, she took the selfie from a bottom angle, showcasing her hair from a new perspective.

For the caption, she writes (in both English and Spanish), “My #hair channeling a Latina-Arab #farrahfawcett,” comparing her natural waves to the iconic ’70s style.

salma hayek

Get into those loose, cinnamon-colored curls. Her waves are tossed over the left side of her head, flowing in the wind.

This color definitely a change from the jet black hair we’re used to seeing her with. Hayek’s bare skin complements the chill vibe in the photo.

salma hayek

You can see a few light freckles decorating her naturally-flushed cheeks. And though only a sliver of her eyebrows is visible, we have a strong feeling that they are arched to perfection as always.

We love to see the actor’s natural volume, especially when it’s done here with what appears to be minimal styling. Perhaps next time she can give a little behind-the-scenes look at how she cares for her hair?

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