‘She Knows Exactly What She’s Doinggggg’: Paige Spiranac Grabs Golf World in Her Fist With Latest ‘Educational Content’

There is no way you can follow golf and not know golf’s own diva, ‘Paige Spiranac.’ Yes, the golfing beauty is one of the most talked-about personalities. And it has its own sweet reason. Well, thanks to Spiranac’s efforts, golf is not just limited to courses. Being the most followed golf personality on Instagram, she ensures everybody gets a piece of golf every day.

Even though Spiranac took an early retirement from her professional golfing career, her life revolves around her beloved sport. Her online content is like a tutorial class for all the young golfers who are just starting out. And this time she posted a great tip that caught the attention of fans.

The golf diva frequently demonstrates to her fans how to hit the ideal shot, navigate bunkers, choose the right sort of club, etc. She teaches all of these and more in a glamorous way. That’s why Spiranac is rightfully the golf mommy of the gentleman’s game.

And now Golf Mommy is back again with another useful tip. On her Instagram post, she shared a video where she taught how to correct a pitch mark on the green. She used her repairing tool to lift up the roots of the grass where the marks were and push the grass inward. This was the best way to not harm the grass roots. The video was captioned, ”Just The Tip⛳️ Today we are talking about the proper way to fix a pitch mark on the greens! Remember to fix yours and one more….it’s good golf karma🩷”



That is undoubtedly helpful information for everyone and a reminder of how to avoid uprooting grass roots. Let’s see what fans had to say for this.

Better fix the marks after the shot

Pitch marks are frequent issues on golf courses. And it was wise of Spiranac to address the issue and come up with the proper solution as well.

For one fan, his biggest pet peeve is the pitch marks. He commented, ”My biggest pet peeve on the course is when people don’t fix their ball marks. Have respect for the course, have respect for other players. Good video, Paige!”

Another fan works on the golf course and shared his own thought: ”I work at a golf course, and it’s unbelievable how many people don’t fix their divots or ball marks. Most of the course set up is fixing ball marks on the green.”

The video reminded a fan of how he used to fix the marks. He penned, ”When I worked at a golf course when I was younger they had me going around with a fork on a stick to repair them 😂”

One fan totally agreed with the Spiranac that, after the shot, one should fix the marks. ”I do mine and 10 others. Some rounds I end up fixing over 100 in 18. Come on people I know you are shocked you actually hit the green but fix your marks.”

Fans admired Spiranac for her great tips. One wrote, ”Always great tips when it comes to golf #PaigeGuide101 👸🙌🏻💯🫶🏻💃👏⛳️🏌️‍♀️” While another wrote, ”Such educational content” And yet another fan commented, ”As they say in Sandlot she knows exactly what she’s doinggggg.”

Finally, one person said, ”Great post. Lots of people do it incorrectly for sure.”

What do you think about Spiranac’s latest tips? Let us know in the comments.


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