Stop trying to read Travis Kelce’s screaming lips and laugh at these 23 Super Bowl memes

Yesterday’s Super Bowl had a whole new genre of audience with Taylor Swift in attendance and a lot of people have questions. Chiefly, WHERE on earth was Justin Bieber, What was poor Alicia’s throat doing to her in that first note and what did Travis Kelce scream at his poor coach?

Swifties have been going feral, as they always do, not just at Taylor’s appearance in Vegas at the match but also at her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s rage in the match at his elderly coach. People are trying to work out what he says, people are saying it’s a red flag and she should leave him, it’s chaos.

So as you’re still mourning our robbed Justin Bieber performance, laugh at these 23 Super Bowl memes:
Delusioning myself that this is what he said




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