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Telltale sign of Harry’s tension in photos from Diana statue unveiling



Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Prince Harry was clearly battling “inner tension” in his latest appearance with brother William, says a body language expert.The unveiling of the new Princess Diana statue in Kensington Gardens was always going to be an emotional occasion for Prince Harry and Prince William.

But according to body language expert Judi James, there was one clear sign that the Duke of Sussex – who last year stepped down from royal duties – was battling some “inner tension”.

It would have been Princess Diana’s 60th birthday, and it is the first time Prince Harry has seen brother Prince William face-to-face since Prince Philip’s funeral in April.

Speaking to Fabulous, the expert highlighted how Prince Harry repeatedly reached for his wedding ring as he walked alongside his brother in the grounds of his old home. Analyzing the brothers’ interaction, Judi said: “Harry’s hand reached to touch his wedding ring, which is a self-comfort gesture suggesting some inner tension.

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“Although it also hinted how much he sees his family as a source of support.”

What’s more, Prince Harry was also pictured fiddling with his wedding ring while completing royal duties in September 2018.
At the time, Judi also says this is something the royal does when he feels “under pressure or lonely”.

After welcoming their second child last month, Meghan Markle remained in the couple’s Californian mansion with their children while Prince Harry flew to the UK to unveil the statue he and William commissioned in 2017.

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For their first solo public appearance since Megxit, Judi said Prince Harry and Prince William prioritised “their roles as Diana’s sons over their roles as brothers”.
She said: “Emerging side-by-side their smiles did appear slightly overworked at first but one very telling trait was how their body language was mirrored.

“This kind of mimicry suggests strong subliminal bonds, hinting that old ties still bind them despite their current rifts.” But despite today’s ceremony marking the culmination of years of work, it’s understood the pair are barely speaking, while their relationship is “incredibly strained”.

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It’s not surprising Prince Harry might have been feeling the strain during what would have been an emotional event. He’s spoken at length recently about the trauma of his mother’s death, revealing that he later turned to drugs and alcohol to cope and confessing he felt anger at the British public for their intense public mourning.

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