The bitter truth behind the brutal crack down of pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong…an opportunity to the U.S

They are the pro-democracy protesters who upgraded themselves to become rioters and terrorists who take to the streets to throw petrol bombs everywhere, destroy shops and banks, assault and murder people who are not on their side, sabotage the traffic and subway systems, cause inconvenience to civilians’ daily lives, etc.

Not to mention the unrest for the past 5 months by the rioters, during the past two weeks they took hostage of several universities and made fortresses there to “defend” themselves by throwing thousands of petrol bombs onto the streets, use bows and arrows and sling shots to shoot police.

The real Hong Kong protesters fighting for their country

The police are acting according to law and order to stop the rioting and terrorism by shooting tear gas and rubber bullets.
The rioters finally barricaded themselves in the university compounds by blocking entrances and setting fire to it.

The police and government ask them to stop the violence and gave them the opportunity to surrender.
The rioters got weak (many of them below age) from rioting using dangerous chemicals and explosives.

Many were exhausted and miss their parents and school and their parents and teachers went to pick them up. Some finally realised what they were actually doing. But there are still radicals who are not willing to give up. There are still about 100 of the rioters hiding in one university as of Nov 21, 2019.

The US and its allies are taking the opportunity at these times of civil unrest in Hong Kong by twisting facts that there is a brutal crackdown on democracy (where in fact the police is cracking down on rioting and terrorism).

This is so that the US president can sign the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act so that they can have more control over Hong Kong as they have with Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Hong Kong is now a “bargaining chip” for the US for trade talks with China.

The crackdown by the police is not considered brutal. The police in Hong Kong do not use live ammunition to suppress the rioting. The police use tear gas and rubber bullets only and sticks when rioters resist arrests.

They only use their guns as the last resort for self defense only when their lives are in danger. There is rioting and terrorism in Hong Kong in the name of “freedom” and “democracy”.

What you see that have been reported from the US government and its allies that Hong Kong is in a police state and China is curbing freedom is because the US want to make a “justification” (although false) to sign the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act in order to gain more control over the trade war with China.

Time is running out for Trump’s presidency and he needs to prove what he can do for America and to save himself.
There are people in Hong Kong especially the pro-democracy camps who do not like China from the very beginning.

They are collaborating with the US to stir up the chaos in Hong Kong and there is an election coming up in Hong Kong soon.
The pro-democracy fighters think that the US can grant “freedom” to them.

Do ask what kind of “freedom” they really want.
It is very sad but this is the US way of making America Great again by sacrificing other nations for their own goals.

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