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The House Of Gucci star Salma Hayek showed off her killer curves in a blue bikini as she enjoyed a day at the beach.



Salma Hayek experienced a range of emotions as she plunged into cold waters on Sunday.The stunning 55-year-old actress looked animated in a series of bikini images shared to Instagram which showed her braving the ocean.



The Mexico born beauty was left wincing, before experiencing a state of euphoria as she took a dip and remarked ‘The pain and pleasure of cold water.The House Of Gucci star showed off her killer curves in a blue bikini as she enjoyed a day at the beach.



The plunge looked to give Hayek an adrenaline rush as she came up for air looking elated in a second snap.This week the Golden Globe winner hit 20M followers on Instagram, and humorously showed off off her ten fingers and ten toes which were painted red to celebrate. ’10+10 = 20 million.



Her good pal Penelope Cruz recently sung Salma’s praises on the Ellen DeGeneres Show and spoke about their ‘sister’-like relationship.The actress recalled how Hayek had given her the warmest welcome possible early on in her career, and the way in which she extended her hospitality when she first got to Los Angeles.


I was coming here for two months and I didn’t know anyone here. And she picked me up and said, “You’re not going to the hotel. You’re coming to my house because this is hard at the beginning and you’re going to feel very lonely,”‘ Cruz recalled.



‘It was amazing, you know, that somebody that I didn’t know — only on the phone — she made sure that she picked me up at the airport and she didn’t let me go to the hotel. I love her so much.’

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