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The Queen, Kate Middleton and Prince George miss out as most Googled Royal Family member revealed




If you had to guess which member of the Royal family graces the Google search bar most often, who would you plump for?



For anyone curious to find out which of the Royals is sweeping in the searches online, new analytics by Design Bundles has revealed all.


And if you thought The Queen, Kate Middleton, or the royal grandchildren were the subject of the most public nosiness, you can think again.



Because another Royal has actually been searched, mentioned, and hash tagged the most across various platforms

Prince Charles, Prince William, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry


In fact, following the revealing analytics she has been crowned by Design Bundles as ‘more influential than the Queen’.



The research calculated global Google searches, media mentions and Instagram hashtags for 29 of the most popular Royals in the world, to see which one had the biggest influence of all.



And Meghan Markle is ‘the most influential Royal’, according to the creative resource company.



The Duchess of Sussex, 40, has had more Google searches, media mentions, and Instagram hashtags combined than any other Royal in the world.



Meghan Markle pulls in a total of 7.4 million Google searches a month, features in 10.4 million Instagram hashtags, and had 11,200 articles written about her the past year, making her the most mentioned and searched-for Royal of 2021.



It might come as no surprise that Meghan has hit the headlines more than other Royals recently, following hers and Harry’s bombshell interview with Oprah in March, and her rollercoaster legal battle with the Mail on Sunday over a letter to her dad.


Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth is the world’s ‘second most influential’ Royal, according to Design Bundles.



Its analysis found that The Queen pulls in triple the combined searches, media mentions and hashtags than the average for all Royals on the list.

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