Things that nobody will tell you until you have your kid’s

That your child could be….. exactly like your partner!

After conceiving, carrying, and delivering our baby, when she finally arrived, I expected her to be…well, like me!

When I first laid eyes on her, my thought process went: Thank goodness we are all alive, I need sleep, and then, wow, she looks a lot like .

That first night she slept “skin to fur” with dad. They frequently snoozed together. Nobody told me how often I’d find her out of her crib and in his arms, nor how cute I’d find this.

I did not expect my recovery to be as difficult as it was. Nobody told me that the first few days and weeks would be worse than the last few and labor.

My daughter is her own person. Already I see that. But certainly, I also do see her father. Like him, she enjoys traveling, sleeps with one foot peeking out of the blanket, and has strong hands.

At the park, the grocery store, or at home, the first thing people usually tell us when they see her is: “Oh wow, just like her father.”

She’s the only person in the world who likes my singing and dancing. Nobody told me having kids would make me a frequent & public singer and dancer.

Other things that people told me, but I didn’t really comprehend:

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the first 6 weeks suck, very bad.
when your baby smiles at you, nothing else in the world matters.
there is no such thing as sleeping in.
every day, you love that little baby more.

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