Things that teenagers most stop doing in school

Stop trying to look cool!
Talking back and trying to intimidate a teacher as a weak attempt to look tough is pointless. Plus, trying to intimidate a teacher old enough to be your grandmother is pretty uncool if you ask me.

Start dressing appropriately
Dressing like this:

and trying to look like this when you go to school:

when you’re fourteen, is weird. Trust me, no student or teacher wants to see your underwear when you bend over.

Stop complaining about school rules
Unless it’s discriminatory or utterly offensive, there’s absolutely no point arguing with school rules! You can’t change them and let’s be real, no teacher will argue with you about it.

For example, if you’re wearing earrings, just take them out. Don’t complain about it, do it.

Stop making excuses
You failed that test on your own accord. Stop blaming your teacher and others in your class and get your head down.

Stop caring what others think
Start being more active in class discussions, who cares if you get something wrong. I’m sure the people that might laugh at you will forget in five seconds.

Stop caring about others
Don’t worry about what she’s wearing, or what he’s doing. Focus on yourself and your close friends. Nothing more.

Stop meaningless gossip

Gossip will do nothing but bite you in the butt later down the line. Always speak positively of others, not only will that strengthen your relationship with others, but more people will view you as reliable and trustworthy.