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This Is How Jennifer Love Hewitt Responded Every Time She Was Called “Fat”



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Since she started her career in 1989, Jennifer Love Hewitt has gone through an incredible transformation journey. Jennifer Love Hewitt debuted her acting career when she appeared on Kids Incorporated, the Disney Channel series between 1989 and 1991. During her teen years, she gained recognition when she played Julie James in the 1997 horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer. The international celebrity worked as an actress, director, producer, singer, and songwriter. Since she started her career in 1989, Jennifer Love Hewitt has gone through an incredible transformation journey.



Through the years, the celebrity had her ups and downs. While she spent most of her childhood moving around Texas, Hewitt was quickly drawn to the spotlight. Since her young years, Jenifer has been passionate about music and acting. However, one of the most epic transformations that Jennifer Love Hewitt had undergone was the changes in her physique, and this subjected her to a heavy load of criticism.



Jennifer Love Maintained The “Perfect” Body Figure For A Long Time
For an extended period, Jennifer Love Hewitt wooed everyone, from fans to the media, with her physique. She was also voted on several lists among the world’s most beautiful women. The celebrity also loved her body, and she had never faced a problem with weight issues.



However, in 2007, newspapers worldwide released pictures of Jennifer that appeared to show her with a few extra pounds. This was when Love Hewitt knew that there was a problem somewhere. When all of that happened, the star was spending her vacation on Hawaii island. Although she revealed back then that her weight gain wasn’t a big deal for her, she didn’t hide her devastation because of the media’s treatment of her.



The Media Was Harsh To Jennifer After The Pictures Surfaced
Some online media outlets went further in their derogatory and harsh comments towards Jennifer when they leaked the photos showing her extra pounds of fat. Some of those outlets commented on her bikini pictures saying things like “I know what you ate last summer.” However, Love Hewitt didn’t keep her mouth shut, facing all the attacks she had been subjected to.



In response, she addressed all the “girls with perfect body” and instructed them to “put on a bikini, put it on, and stay strong.” Furthermore, Jennifer hired a personal trainer named Stevie Sant’Angelo. The latter helped her lose 14 pounds in 2008 in a record time of 10 weeks. However, Jennifer’s journey with her weight didn’t end there.



Love Hewitt Changed Her Approach After The War On Her Weight
Jennifer admitted to changing her approach regarding the social issue of weight gain. She revealed that she does not have an obsession anymore concerning that subject. Jennifer said that she “never looks at the scale.” She doesn’t know how much she weighs and never paid attention to that stuff anyway. She declared that she’ll be happy if she feels good in her clothes and that it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks about that. Love Hewitt also said that she was disappointed with the media’s reaction to her pictures.



She wasn’t upset for herself, but it made her sad how other girls struggling with their body image will feel when subjected to such criticism and bullying behavior. Additionally, Jennifer Love Hewitt announced that a girl with a size two is not fat, and this fact will never change in the future. She also said that a girl with Size 0 doesn’t mean de facto that she’s beautiful.



Jennifer’s Motherhood And Her Renewed Struggle With Weight Gain
Jennifer Love Hewitt got married in 2013 to Brian Hallisay. She later delivered her first child, Autumn. Her pregnancy and the simple fact of becoming a mother led to Jennifer gaining weight again, and the media was back at it, throwing criticism Love Hewitt’s way for failing to get back in shape quickly after delivering her first baby. This time Jennifer also didn’t stay quiet on the matter.



She revealed that she was more focused on raising and taking care of her children instead of “counting calories.” She also said that losing weight was not her top priority.



Jennifer Succeeded In Getting Back Into Shape
Despite the difficulties she faced on several occasions because of her weight gain and being called fat, Jennifer Love Hewitt succeeded in shedding some of the weight she had gained over and over again. Today, Jennifer looks healthier than ever. The celebrity is active on social media and posts regular updates about herself on her Instagram and Facebook accounts.



The only thing that matters is that Jennifer overcame the devastation and unhappiness that the media had put her through. All of that is now behind her. She’s a happy lady raising beautiful kids, which makes Jennifer Love Hewitt such a unique celebrity.

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